1965 - 1967

Adverts for the AC50, 1963-1965, . For runs of ads in "Beat Monthly" magazine - later renamed "Beat Instrumental" - for other Vox items, .

The material on this page is given in chronological order as far as possible. Further items will be added soon.

For some background to the exporting of AC50s and other Vox amps to the United States, on the Vox AC100 website.


Melody Maker newspaper, 17th April 1965

Melody Maker newspaper, 17th April 1965. The Vox AC50 and Line Source speaker columns a prize in the National Beat Contest.

Above, the first advert for the large box AC50 published by Vox in "Beat Instrumental" magazine, August 1965.

"Beat Instrumental" magazine, November 1965: advert for the large box AC50 Super Twin, the amp slightly squint on the trolley.

Note that the large box AC50 had already been represented, however, in UK and US brochures published in late 1964 and early 1965. See .


Beat Instrumental magazine, March 1966

"Beat Instrumental" magazine, May 1966. The AC50 paired with Line Source speaker columns was a surprisingly popular combination for PA in 1965 and 1966.

Beat Instrumental magazine, May 1966

"Beat Instrumental" magazine, May 1966 - perhaps a sort of passing reference to the AC50's name in the U.S.A. in 1965: the "Royal Guardsman". By May 1966, however, sales of English valve amps had more or less come to an end.


Detail from the Vox solid state catalogue of summer 1967. The illustration is repeated in the German brochure, below.

A page from a German brochure, printed in September 1967 and circulated in 1968. 2628 deutsche marks (for the AC50 super twin) was equivalent to around £260 - £4300 or so in today's money (according to the Bank of England inflation calculator). The amp alone was 1188 deutsche marks = £110 in 1967 = £1800 today.