LARGE BOX AMPS - SOLID STATE RECTIFIED - late 1966 and early 1967

Images on this page - amps with serial numbers in the 7000s

Amps assembled primarily at the Burndept factory (note the presence of the stamped chassis number).

The brimistor is the norm.

Transformers are now the black-topped units, similar to the ones used in AC100 mark 2s.

The warning plaque is red; the serial number plate is three-line

Serial number 7120 - currently in Europe

Voltage selector omitted for the Scandinavian market.

Serial number 7144 - whereabouts unknown

Serial number 7150 - currently in the UK

Sold on some time ago - voltage selector set to 115v. Excellent condition. The speakers (Jensens) are later replacements; and the back panel - a solid piece with a cut-out - is probably a replacement too.

Serial number 7214 (?) - currently in Italy?

A single pic. Said to be serial no. 7214.

Serial number 72xx - currently in the UK

Pictured with its speaker cab - note the circular port on the cab's back.

Serial number 7293 - currently in Belgium

Reasonably good condition. A jack socket added on the back along with an IEC mains socket.

Serial number 7311 - whereabouts unknown

Just the serial number plate for the time being.

Serial number 7320 - whereabouts unknown

from this point the new american-style logo

Note that the warning plaque on the amps that follow is generally white


Serial number 7419 - currently in Scandinavia

Serial number in the 7000s - currently in Denmark

Chassis number 3963. No pictures of the box or logo unfortunately.

Serial number 7591 - currently in Europe

Chassis no. 4572. Note the double row of capacitors on the upper chassis. Some of the pots and capacitors are of the type used in Vox solid state amps.

Serial number 7722 - currently in Europe

Chassis number stamped as 14682, ie. 4682. Accompanied by its original cab, constructed in the same manner as the Foundation Bass cabs issued with the solid state range - a port at bottom and a backboard fixed with many more screws.