THE EARLIEST AC50 LARGE-BOX CABS (2 x 12" and Midax horn)

Celestion T1088s sprayed Vox silver. Rectangular Cannon XLR connector.

The cabs are listed as model LBA 54 in the pricelist of September 1964.

Early trolleys (July - October 1964)

Single upright springing from the handwheel, and "basket" on top for the amp to sit in.

On the left, The Beatles in Stockholm, late July 1964 (the amps are AC80/100s). Centre, a Granada TV bands competition, September 1964. Right, Gene Vincent and the Londoners, November 1964.

English and American Vox brochures from September 1964 and early 1965. Note the large-box ca and trolley with pins on the basket to help secure the amp (small-box AC50 in this case). On the far right, a Defiant amp and Defiant cab either in an original early AC50 trolley, or a repro. Defiant cabs are the same width as large-box AC50s. North Coast Music never made a repro of the early large-box trolley (see the wayback machine). But note the plain black wheels instead of ball castors.

Early surviving cabs (last third of 1964)

Note the rectangular Cannon XLR connectors. Also note that Vox were scrupulous in making sure that the logo on the speaker magnet was horizontal.

Serial no. 1607

Further pics of the amp .

Serial no. 1796

Original drivers replaced with late 60s Goodmans. Further pics of the amp .

LATER AC50 LARGE-BOX CABS (1965) - model LBA 54

At some point in the second third of 1965, Vox moved over to circular ("doughnut") Amphenol XLR connectors. Fane speakers, rather than Celestions, also became the norm.

Click for a larger image. In catalogues from 1965, the cabinet on its own was known as an "LBA54".

Stray cab

The Fanes are model 122/17, which are 15 ohms, 25W power handling each.


Again, Fane 122/17 drivers.

Serial no. 2559

The speakers are not original to this cab. Note how the label is wrongly positioned in relation to the terminals. Further pics of the amp .

Serial no. 2698

Original Fane speakers in place. Further pics of the amp .

Serial no. 3087

Further pics of the amp .