Goodmans 18" Audiom 90 Bass Speaker - 50W power handling

Late 1963 / early 1964

Used in the very earliest Foundation Bass cabs. The Audiom 90, which had been developed by Goodmans for organs, was the only 18" bass speaker available at the time.

Vox used the 15ohm version of the Audiom 90.

Goodmans 18" Audiom 91 Bass Speaker - 50W and 100W power handling


Blue label - 8 ohms (normally) - 100W

With power handling of 100W, these could be used singly with AC50s or AC100s.

A 8ohm Audiom 91 in a Foundation Bass cab. Probably designed to accompany an AC50.

A Goodmans unit from 1967 with a new "...Manufactured for Jennings Musical Industries" label. Stocks of these passed to Vox Sound Equipment Limited, the company that sprang from JMI in 1968.

Black label - 16 ohms (normally) - 50W

Used singly in Foundation bass cabs accompanying AC50s, and in pairs of cabs accompanying AC100s. If two cabs were plugged into an AC100, the amp's impedance would be set at 8ohms.

FANE 183 - 16ohms - 60W

Used relatively infrequently by both Vox and Selmer for their bass cabs. Later versions of the speaker became more popular in the 1970s with the rise of other British amp manufacturers, notably Hiwatt.

A Fane speaker in a Foundation Bass cab supplied with an AC50 with a serial number in the 3000s (mid to late 1965).