AC50s made or finally finished off close to, or shortly after, the demise of JMI.

Currently in the Netherlands.

The amp is .

Assembled by Triumph. In great condition. Pots in the preamp have the code "IM" = September 1965. No brimistor; solid state rectified. The mains transformer and power amp section (underchassis) are later, however. The transformer has the Woden code "KZ", along with "96712" and "AC50", which should mean October 1968. The underchassis tagboard with its BY127 diodes is of a type occasionally used by Triumph in the late 60s. Thanks to Evert for the pictures.

Two things seem possible: either the power section failed catastrophically (though there doesn't seem to be much sign of a burn-out) and the amp was sent back to Triumph or Vox for repair, hence the Woden transformer marked "AC50"; or the amp had lain unfinished at Triumph for years (for whatever reason) and was completed as part of a process of sorting out long-overdue items. Triumph was certainly not the most orderly of companies.

Black painted panels with white stencilled lettering

Note that these amps also have no brimistor nor any holes for the wire pass-through or standoffs.

The chassis of the first amp below has a metal Triumph badge affixed. A similar badge also survives on a late Triumph-made AC100 - see the .

The components, layout and electronics of the two amps with painted panels are all typical of Triumph manufacture. In other words these are not later Alan Pyne hotch-potches, nor the work of a moonlightling Triumph employee.

It is very likely that these amps were assembled close in time to the end of Triumph's contract with JMI - that is to say mid to late 1967.

It may be that the first of the AC50s below was sold off as a chassis (the box is a modified Conqueror cab from 1968).

Anthony Smith, who kindly supplied pictures of an AC100 for the AC100 website, reports that:

"A friend of mine at the Jennings factory knew I was looking for a large amp and informed me of a liquidation sale at the factory, around 1967. They had 2 AC100's for sale, amps that for some reason didn't make it to final assembly, chassis only, no box. Mine had a slight fault on the control panel around the voltage regulator otherwise in perfect condition."

AC50 no. 1 - currently in London

AC50 no. 2 - currently in Ireland

AC50 no. 3 - currently in the UK

Open topped mains transformer, and Sufflex caps in the preamp, as in the amp above. Output transformer replaced.