AC50 serial number 1015B

Details of the Foundation Bass speaker cabinet

The "B" in serial number denotes "Bass". Below, a selection of details of the speaker cabinet.

For details of the amplifier chassis, . Details of the amplifier's wooden box .

Unlike the Foundation Bass speaker cabinet of , 1015B's is blacked inside, but for some reason its back panel was not. Chalk marks inside are: "19", "4" and an undecipherable squiggle.

Marks on the inside face of the back panel are "19", "4", "M", and "T" to indicate the top.

Important to note that the cab does not have, and never had, corner protectors. A couple of other early ones like this survive. The cabs issued to the Dave Clark Five also followed suit.

The Cannon XLR-3-13 connector is high up on the back in common with other early cabs - for instance.

The 18" speaker currently in place is a Goodmans Power Range 8 ohm unit, fitted in 1976. The sticker gives the date. The original driver will probably have been a Celestion T1074, as below.

Celestion T1079, an 18 inch bass speaker for Vox AC50s

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