AC50 serial number 1015B

Details of the box and box cover

The amp's accompanying speaker cabinet can be seen , along with its covers. Pictures of the chassis .

Below, a selection of details of the box and its cover. The cover, it should be said, only fits on the amp one way round - the handle is not equidistant from front and back. Piping on the top long side of the cover designates the front.

Illustrated alongside in one of the pics below is a cover in the same green, preserving its handle surround, from an early T60 amplifier.

For an early AC50 Foundation bass set - serial number 1034B - with covers in brown, .

Click as ever on the thumbnails for larger images.

Above, front of the amp with cover on.

Amp and cover from rear. The cover in the foreground, in the same colour, is from a T60 amp.

Fixing screws and washers for the chassis.